Abbie Cook

Weightlifting Coach and Personal Trainer

My Fitness journey:

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia nearly ten years ago and after years of battling chronic fatigue and pain to the point where it got the best of me both physically and mentally, I decided to take a break out of the standard 9-5 work and get out of the rat race to concentrate on other things and that is when I found fitness.  

Since then I have developed my own health and fitness to become stronger mentally and physically which has allowed me to overcome my personal obstacles and create my own reality regardless of what life throws at me.

After completing my Strength and Conditioning internship at Locker 27 Athletic Development and partaking in my Masters degree in Sports Psychology at Winchester University, I decided to set up my business to help and encourage people in their personal journeys towards improving their overall health and wellbeing. By using both my own experiences and education I aim to deliver a service that will provide you with the ability to become both physically and mentally stronger.


My main sport interest is in Olympic Weightlifting. I decided to give it a go when I joined Locker 27 in 2018 and I have loved it ever since and now compete in weightlifting. I am now able to coach others in the sport due to my experience and my BWL Level 2 qualification, whether that is for 1-1s or the Locker 27 weightlifting group classes.


I completed a year long internship at Locker 27 where I developed my coaching skills by working with disability groups and shadowing UKSCA accredited coaches and now lead both Hybrid Conditioning and Academy sessions. I have also worked with high-level athletes as well as a wide variety of individuals and groups through my work at Locker including St Georges College, Surrey Cricket and Sport 101.


I have a Sports Psychology diploma, a British Weightlifting Level 2 qualification and I am currently studying a Masters degree in Applied Sports Psychology at Winchester University as well as starting a Level 1 Counselling course at Guildford College. I am completing these courses with the aim to further develop my coaching skills by providing me with a better understanding of the psychological benefits that exercise can provide and how it may help people to manage their mental health and wellbeing.




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