Anxiety with training.

One of the biggest frustrations with fibromyalgia is your limitations and when these cause me to miss training it can give me serious anxiety and make me feel like I am failing at times.

Missing sessions and time in the gym has always been something I struggle with, it can have a large effect on me physically as well as mentally. It is easy to compare your abilities to those around you and think “well if they are managing to do it then why aren’t I” but you have to listen to your body and remember that everyone’s is different.

One of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia is chronic fatigue and this means there are days when getting out of bed is a mission and everyday routine things that would seem like the smallest of tasks to some people, such as taking a shower, can be exhausting. Therefore having ‘good days’ in the gym can give me a serious thrill and I can push myself when my body is feeling ‘half normal’ meaning I end up reaching for PB’s or squeezing out some extra reps but this can have a knock on effect and cause a flare up a few days later.

Balance is key in all things and it is mainly trial and error to find that balance in your training when it comes to your body’s limitations but you will get there. If you need to miss some training and have a rest day/week then your body clearly needs it. Don’t get anxious just get back on that gain train when you can!

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