Biological power (with fibromyalgia);

The fact is, Fibromyalgia is a neurological disease that affects a person’s sensory processing system. Brain imaging and studies have found that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central nervous system. These findings would mean that someone with this disease would lack in a specific area that is needed for successful biological power, therefore meaning they could find certain types of sports and training (particularly where explosive power is needed), harder than someone without the condition.

I recently read Joel Jamieson’s book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” in which he explains a lot about biological power. Whilst reading his book I found the following knowledge extremely helpful;

*Cardiovascular system

*Metabolic system

*Hormonal system

*Neuromuscular system

These 4 primary systems all make up your biological power. The collective development of these four systems is largely what determines how well your power and endurance will prove in sport.

Your body uses your biological power to do everything from walking to running, to generating power in a punch or explosive lift.  When you increase the amount of power your body can generate, you then have more energy to do all of these different activities. More importantly, you also have the potential to do them for much longer periods of time without fatigue. 

The greater your biological power = the higher your level of work capacity as a whole + the more training you can adapt positively to.

Aside from the end result of increasing performance, biological power has vast implications in your training programme as a whole. This is because it takes a lot of energy to adapt to the high level of mental and physical stress that your body goes through as a result of training. After each training session, your body must go through the difficult job of repair and recovery of many different tissues. Sugar stores have to be replenished, hormonal stores have to be returned to normal, muscle tissue needs to be restored etc.

In addition to just getting back to normal resting states after training, your body must then build new tissues and make changes to existing tissues if perfomance is going to increase. As this work of repair and adaptation requires a tremendous amount of energy, the greater biological power you are capable of, the faster and more efficiently all these elaborate processes can take place.

It is in this way that biological power ultimately limits your work capacity, or your ability to perform and adapt to a particular volume of work. 

Your level of biological power development is the result of your entire training programme and strategy. Some programmes are much more effective than others at putting together the many complex pieces in the right order for dramatic improvements to be made. To truly develop your biological power and dramatically increase your capacity for work requires a systematic approach to physical preperation. 

Energy production – Your skeletal muscles are living tissue and just like the rest of your body, they require constant energy to do their job of flexing and extending joints in a coordinated manner to move you around. Your cardiac muscle also requires energy to pump blood throughout your body. The more active you are, the more your muscles have to work and therefore the more fuel they require.

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