Getting organised; with ADHD.

A main side effect of having ADHD is being disorganised and having problems prioritising tasks & a main side effect of having fibromyalgia is lacking the motivation to complete said tasks. You can feel as if your mind is constantly drawing your attention to something new and your body is becoming overwhelmed and exhausted with anything and everything. It’s as if your mind is on speed and your body is stoned… therefore getting organised in your daily life and having a routine is pretty crucial.

A great way to get organised is by making a calendar. We all do better with some kind of structure, that’s why the school system works so well (for most people). I separate my week into the following format; work, coaching, studying, training, walks and daycare for my dog Luca, other tasks and appointments and socialising. I even colour code these so its easier for me to distinguish and organise the different parts of my life.

Making lists are another simple tool for people with ADHD. Due to problems focusing on a task and poor planning, creating lists can be a real life saver for everyday commitments. Seeing that you have ticked off tasks throughout the week can also be a great way to quiet your mind and allows you to feel confident in yourself by being able to see your achievements in completing those tasks that can, at the start, seem so daunting to us.

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