Psychological benefits of being part of a community;

  • It provides a place of enjoyment. We are all social animals and having ‘fun’ is a modern day necessity within our fast paced society.

  • Having a sense of belonging is a key psychological need for us as humans and our environment has a huge impact on our total wellbeing.

  • It can feed us inspiration & motivation- workouts, achieving new goals etc.

  • A way to connect like we as humans are supposed to.

  • Shared contacts; we can be provided with help or advice regarding needs of service.

  • Shared life lessons; our environment is also incredibly important to us as it is responsible for the concepts we are repeatedly exposed to and will therefore, unconsciously absorb. Having a community where people can share experiences and life lessons will, even unconsciously, teach us something that may one day come in handy.

  • Having people around us who are striving to achieve things encourages us to reach our goals and to do well in different aspects of our lives.

  • Support; having people around you when the good and the bad happen & especially when the unthinkable happens.

  • People around you challenge you to be better. To make you want to grow and develop as a person in everything that you do. They push you to get out of your comfort zone when you may have been too scared to do so on your own.

  • It provides an opportunity for celebration of yourself and your achievements as well as other people’s.

  • We may find it easier to train/work with others than when we’re alone as this can provide more motivation.

  • A Healthier Lifestyle: Studies have shown that we tend to do as our friends do – in other words, if our friends, family or community tend to exercise, we become more inspired to adopt this healthy habit. Without a doubt, going to the gym or going out for a walk can be difficult when all we feel like doing is sleeping in, yet when we have a friend waiting on us, it is more difficult to cancel or quit. Friends can also mean for healthy competition, as we fight to keep up with them physically and mentally; after all, it is believed by many that we are the avenue of the five people we spend the most time with.

  • A community can provide new opportunities for us. For example when I joined Locker 27 as a member it provided a place of focus and support and kickstarted a stage of recovery that was extremely necessary for me and my wellbeing. Weightlifting provided some routine & certainty for me in a life that, at the time was defined by chaos. Joining Locker 27 encouraged me to help myself change my life.

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