Psychological benefits of exercise & sport;

Reduces stress levels.

Improves relaxation & sleep.

Improves mind agility.

Emotional benefits through inclusion of a team and positive experiences.

Improves self-esteem & confidence through personal achievements within sport/training and levels of enjoyment and satisfaction of taking part.

Improved intellectual skills such as learning rules/tactics and learning to deal with winning/failing in your chosen sport. This ability can then be transferred into other areas of life.

Improved social skills through meeting and interacting with other people and learning the ability to function as part of a team.

Releases endorphins; these also have a role to play for reducing stress and combatting feelings of depression as they are pleasure-giving chemicals. By partaking in a positive endorphin-generating activity, you are also releasing the cortisol hormone (which plays a role in depression) and adrenaline (which plays a role in producing anxiety).

Improves digestion and overall gut health where most serotonin is produced.

People have a safe way to channel their emotions and a controlled way to express their anger etc. at some of the other things happening in their life.

Your body and brain don’t exist in silos, one affects the other. If you can take care of your physical wellbeing (such as through activity levels) then this will inevitably have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

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