Signs your brain is on auto-pilot;

You lose track of days!

You do things without thinking.

You struggle to remember details.

You are passive with your goals.

You spend hours mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

You dread the day ahead because there is nothing to look forward to.

You often zone-out & stay deep in thought.

You lack motivation for things you would normally do daily.

Your daily routine is predictable to you.

You struggle to remember things, you are not fully present in the moment.

You feel like you’re not really making any meaningful progress.

You set goals and ways to be more productive yet you struggle to actually be conscientious in achieving them.

*This is all normal behaviour right now.*

How to train your brain to focus;

Put zones on your calendar and get organized.

Establish a quiet physical space where you can go to concentrate. Personally I have never been able to work in my lounge because I will just end up turning on the TV; shows how much self -control I have!

Silence any notifications on your phone, you may find you are communicating with people more now than you would normally at work etc. but it is still important to separate social time from work time.

Calm & clear your mind as you transition into different ‘zones’ of your day. Set your day up with some fun & joyful music, take breaks & reward yourself after completing certain tasks & rest your mind before going to sleep.

*The unconscious mind only really responds to one thing; repetition. Anything you do, say, hear or experience becomes unconscious and therefore automatic and invisible to the conscious mind. This explains why consistency is so effective when learning new skills, whether that be within work, a hobby or your chosen sport. By repeating these habits they should naturally become more manageable to you. *

When you’re anxious you use extra mental & physical energy;

It is believed that the average human receives around 2 million pieces of information every second that they are awake. The conscious mind however only registers between 5-7 of those pieces of information. Therefore we miss a total of 1,999,993 pieces of information- they are all lost from our conscious minds due to being ‘invisible’.

The brain filters out anything it considers to be ‘irrelevant’ according to what is crucial for your survival at that time, whilst it also prioritizes by regarding your essential values, beliefs & expectations. Therefore it is understandable why during a worldwide virus, our brains may be struggling to register normal information…even such as what day of the week it is.

In my personal experience, I have found that during a time of trauma or extreme stress it can be extremely useful to know the mechanics of what is happening in your brain to explain why you may be feeling the way that you do.

This is also why you might be finding it hard to:

  • Stay focused

  • Do as much as usual

  • Get motivated

Remember this is all normal for a situation like this and try not to be hard on yourself, just try to check in with yourself and to be aware of your current wellbeing.

A person’s total wellbeing influences include;

• How well their body is functioning

• How they feel

• Their emotional state

• Their age

• Their activity levels

• Their nutrition

• Their intelligence

• Their ability to interact with others

• Their social networks

•Spiritual wellbeing is included therefore; ethnicity, culture & religion and also considered.

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