Your vibe attracts your tribe.

What you give out to the universe you get back. Sometimes you have off days, sometimes shit happens and sometimes even the unimaginable happens to us. You can’t control what happens but you can control how you react to it. The energy we give off to others and the environment around us can have a huge effect on how our days pan out. Your positive vibe will attract positive people, in the end everyone just wants to be happy.

I have found my early 20s to be some of the most uncertain and the most difficult years of my life. Starting again became almost euphoric in the end, once I had made that decision. Everything came crashing down- my job, the house plans, relationship, health, friendships, motivation for anything, I had hit rock bottom. Once I had decided to do something about it and completely start again, I almost felt like I had been given a second chance. I shouldn’t be starting again at nearly 25 though, I should be moving out by now right? Wrong. Who says that is the way my life has to be just because I was surrounded by people living like that. I was hearing countless stories of people around me buying brand new sports cars and getting on the property ladder with their long term partners, spending weekends down the pub discussing their plans for possible engagement and hitting their sales targets that week. That was them & their achievements, that wasn’t me, it never had been and I never wanted it to be. I had just been made to feel that way by my own stupid comparisons of myself and my value to those around me. No one should seek validation from others based on where they are in their life, most of the time it’s all in your own head anyway and if it isn’t then wave goodbye and move on. I have since realised that some people achieve much more than others from a young age…and that’s ok. I have also realised that some people take much longer to find their feet…and that’s ok too.

We could base our achievements more by using what's called "the big five" theory. These are five factors that describe how people interact with the world; openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism. The big five is not about what you like- its about how you live. It has to do with how you go about your day when you wake up, how you experience the world and therefore how others experience you. When it comes to personality, wherever you go, there you are.

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